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Culture Night in Lund
Lund University - Lund


Culture Night in Lund
Culture Night in Lund is a unique cultural manifestation that usually takes place on the third Saturday in September each year. The central Lund filled with culture well into the night. Most of it is free. Between 300 and 400 program items of variegated character string at a variety of locations around the charming town center.

Culture Night is coordinated by the municipality, but consists of some eighty different arrangers whose immense dedication contributes to the extensive range and the diversity. 

On Culture Night in Lund, you get the opportunity to sample the city's rich cultural life. As a visitor you get to meet the subtle and sweet, but also the chipped and the matted. There is something for everyone. Amateurs and professionals from the local cultural elements of the scenes that are scattered in the streets and squares. Lund's many faces prove whether it is about the university, institutions, the church or the independent cultural. It will be like a sumptuous butter farm table that is laid, which annually receives at least 50,000 citizens of Lund and visitors to meet up. 

1985 was the first Culture Night. It was then quite unique in its kind, since many other municipalities followed suit, also from abroad. In Lund, it quickly became a success.
Culture Night means a lot to fairly residents. The commitment and concern and relevance for Lund as a cultural identity through its wide popular and cultural character.

PEPMIP project partners from Malmo University and Lund University were participating in Lund Culture Night. At our counter there were approximately 1 000 visitors of all generations (children, parents and grandparents). We presented our research in a simple and straightforward way so that the main idea of PEPMIP project was understandable to all interested. We also prepared two interactive games for youngest visitors that turned out to be highly popular among them. Games were not only entertainment but they were also very useful in explaining how Molecularly Imprinted Polymers work.

See our pictures from this event in gallery.


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