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Outreach workshop - Science communication
06.11.2013 - 07.11.2013
Lund University - Lund


Introduction (Nov 6th 10.15-12)

This workshop takes its starting point in 12 yrs of experiences at LTH and the LU Faculty of Science, of videotaping and analysing oral presentations of doctoral students and postdocs.

 We´ll start by addressing fundamental issues like “What is your current conception of good qualities of a scientific research presentation?” and  “How should such presentations differ from student teaching or from a popular science talk?” We will thereafter share a range of observations and principles accumulated over the years, from practice and literature.

Videotaping and analysing conference presentations (Nov 6th 13.15-17)

As a starting point we will split the participant group into two subgroups, and ask students in each group to perform a 15 minute research presentation (as in any conference situation, please bring previously used presentation powerpoints etc).

 We´ll videotape the talks and then re-run them on-screen (start/stop of video), analysing the structure of the talk on the whiteboard, and in addition comment on observed presentation behaviours. Finally, the two subgroups will suggest one alternative structure of each talk.

Turning science into popular science: analysing and planning (Nov 7th, 9.15-12)

Next question is: how can these talks be adapted to a popular science audience? The two subgroups subsequently plan a suggested new popular science structure for each heard talk, preparing the “owners” of each presentation to perform new versions of their talks. This second version of each talk is then performed, and again videotaped.

 We finally re-run the talks on screen, discussing to what degree the designs of the popular science talks would work in terms of outreach.


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