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Magdalena Świtnicka-Plak

WestCHEM, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry
University of Strathclyde
Thomas Graham Building
295 Cathedral Street
Glasgow, G1 1XL

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nationality: Polish

Current position: PhD student at Strathclyde University

Topic of research: Synthesis and characterization of MIPs.


2009 - 2011 Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering (Biotechnology), Aalborg University, Denmark

2006 - 2009 Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Lodz University, Poland

Work experience:

2010/08-2011/10 Student Internship at the Formulation Innovation Department, Cheminova A/S, DK
“Physical modes of action- comparison of nano and micro-suspension concentrates of the fungicides, azoxystrobin and flutriafol”. Master project involving the exploration of the biological actions of nanoproducts and comparing them with their traditional counterparts. GC, HPLC were used for a.i. quantification. Particles were characterized using Mastersizer S, Zetasizer Nano ZS and ESEM. Greenhouses studies together with statistical analysis of data were performed.

2010/02-2010/06 Student’s Semestral Project at the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Aalborg University, DK
“Novel anabolic therapy for osteoporosis”. The project included the methods of recombinant heterologous protein expression and purification: IMAC, IEX, SEC, and protein characterization: MALDI-TOF, fluorescence and CD- spectroscopy, ligand binding assays, modelling of the 3D- structure of protein complex.

2009/09-2010/01 Student’s Semestral Project at the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Aalborg University, DK
"16S rRNA gene-based analysis of pathogenic bacteria from an infected prosthetic knee". The extraction and amplification of bacterial DNA from an infected human joint fluid, tissue and prosthetic knee samples, cloning of the obtained DNA, sequencing with Sanger’s method, bioinformatics analysis by BLAST and MEGA version 4. FISH method was used for bacteria identification.

2009/02-2009/06 Bachelor thesis at the Department of General Biochemistry, Lodz University, PL
“Bioinformatics analysis of vertebrate fibrinogen A chain amino acid sequences”. Comparison of the amino acid sequence αC domains of fibrinogen eight vertebrates using BLAST and phylogenetic tree.

2008/09-2008/10 Student Internship at the Criminal Laboratory, Section of Biology and Chemistry, Police Headquarters in Lodz, PL
Participation in drugs identification using TLC, GPC and HPLC methods.

2008/07-2008/08 Student Internship at South- West Anatolia Forest Research Institute, TR
Training organized by International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. Introduction of Mediterranean tree species, management policy of protected areas in Antalya region, investigation on organic and micro biotic approaches for the control of the Cedar Totricid in Southwest Anatolia Forest, examination on provenance and progeny trials of Pinus brutia in Antalya region, ecotourism in Antalya area, reforestation of erosion control areas in Burdur area, soil analyses.

Research interest: Genomics and proteomics, Surface science, Nanotoxicology, Scientific computing in general

Hobby: Fishing, cycling and indoor cycling, swimming, reading sci-fi, fantasy, horror books, movies